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Specialised Equipment

Laying concrete floors and foundations today is a precise art.

Specialised Equipment including those for Concrete Pumping in Adelaide

Modern Concrete Structures have today become a precise art. With an extensive fleet of directly owned equipment, Saccardo Constructions is able to meet the most demanding construction program. We’re regarded as specialists in concreting pumping around Adelaide. The days of splashing concrete into a hole and blading it over with a trowel are gone, although some contractors still prefer this method, this is not the way we deliver quality concrete structures.

Concrete structures of today require skilled and knowledgeable tradesman along with state of the art technology. With taller structures and architecturally designed buildings on small allotments concrete placement has become complex and involved.

Saccardo Constructions has invested heavily in concrete delivery equipment allowing us to pump, place and finish concrete to any type of structure. With specialised mobile placement boom pumps ranging from 28 to 42 metres in length, and high rise static equipment including satellite placement booms and static pumps we have the equipment to tackle most South Australian projects.

With a fleet of twin rotor ride on trowel machines we can deliver high quality flat floors with a superior dense, hard wearing polished finish. The use of these machines allows large areas to be finished with less labour resources providing cost and time savings to our clients.

At Saccardo Constructions, we also have ancillary equipment including excavators, backhoes, tip trucks, Hiab crane trucks and surveying equipment. We have a fully equipped in house workshop which conducts preventative maintenance as well as all repairs and scheduled maintenance.  Our full time mechanic keeps all our plant and equipment in pristine working order.

Keeping up with the evolution of technology, Saccardo Constructions has a policy to ensure that we have access to the most advanced and state of the art equipment to ensure our ability to meet our clients evolving expectations.

Contact us for more information about our specialised equipment for concrete pumping and other concreting services around Adelaide.