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Adelaide Airport – Aero-bridge Concourse

Saccardo Constructions' contribution was the 35,0000 square metre apron slab of 40cm thick 40Mpa 40mm low slump concrete.


Sector: Civil

Location: James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport SA

Client: Adelaide Airport Limited

Builder: Bardavcol Pty Ltd

Project Value: $260 million

Construction Period: June 2004 – July 2005


The new gateway to Adelaide is a major project that Saccardo Constructions are proud to be associated with.

The new terminal will meet the needs of domestic, international and regional travellers. By the end of 2005, Adelaide will have the newest and most efficient terminal in Australia incorporating the latest in design and technology.

The new $260 million terminal is approximately 750 m long by 110 m wide at its widest point. The 14 glass-sided aerobridges will cater for up to 27 aircraft (A380 capable) simultaneously.

The Terminal will have under cover passenger drop-off areas and expanded taxi-bus ranks with approximately 2000 car parks. In excess of 3000 passengers per busy hour will use the 40 common use check-in desks and 9 automated baggage carousels (4 for departure and 5 for arrival).

The new terminal will be owned and operated by the privately-owned Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL), whose shareholders include a number of Australian superannuation funds.

It is expected the new terminal will have far-reaching benefits for the State’s commercial and tourism sectors as it will contribute to making Adelaide and South Australia even more attractive places to visit for pleasure and for business.

Saccardo Constructions’ contribution is the 35,0000 square metre apron slab of 40cm thick 40Mpa 40mm low slump concrete which has to be laid to exact tolerances and in a very tight time frame. This in the wettest time of the year has put us under the pump but an innovative formwork and pouring system has allowed us to meet the client’s tight programming demands.

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